Monday, February 5, 2007

Bhumi Unplugged

Volunteer based NGOs should be inclusive, open to ideas and not just when it needs to collect funds but sadly today's Bhumi has become a private institution and adorns role of NGO only when it needs funds or at the time of publicity or it only remembers about the volunteers, when they require to stick posters on streets and informing about medical camps in rasoolpura, and on all other days it adorns role of private institution. Executive Committee which assumes office today doesn't even have mandate inside Bhumi because past elections through which current Committee holds office was held under By Laws of BM Hyderabad chapter, therefore Executive Committee doesn't have any constitutional bearing or relevance. It is not that no effort was made to form new guidelines & structure for Bhumi, so that the new By-Laws can be drafted, In fact Ex Joint Secretary Bony De Kumar has just did that long time ago. We need to wonder over lack of desire to accept or amend newly proposed guidelines & structure and thereby calling for fresh elections but this has not happened for such a long time. Anyways i don't want to emphasize on these technical details as it is not my point which i would like to make, but this speaks volumes about morality of the Executive Committee to function in the office and how the committee works on its self made rules as if Bhumi is their private property and having no proper accountability on dispersed funds, this aspect will be covered in the future post!.

In most cases, Everything is conceived by President Mr. Mujeeb and followed & implemented by rest of the Executive Committee Members(Rakesh Kumar Dubbudu, Divyashri Cherala, Rahul Pasumarthy and Tejeswi Pratima) without a healthy debate and lack of meticulous understanding of all aspects of the idea. This same idea is presented in the general body meeting without doing required ground work but presented with eloquence, and since others are exposed to on need to know basis, they wont be in a position to comprehend thoroughly and they take it on good faith, but among most other volunteers this created and creates lot of disinterest and due to this and other reasons many left the organization. Later on at time of execution of the project pitfalls and loopholes in the idea emerge. It forces said project to be either discarded (like in the case of construction of compound wall in rasoolpura and wasting lot of money in Aug 15th event by being exclusive and remaining incompetent in executing work efficiently) or put on back burner (like in the case of secunderabad cantonment project) and many others which i will explore in future posts. For outsiders Bhumi seems to be managed by 5 people and ironically for insiders, Bhumi is managed authoritatively by Mr. Mujeeb alone, so much so that recently a executive committee member had to leave Bhumi altogether, this i'll explore in my future post.

Well, this doesn't amounts much harm to the society but what if these people have political aspirations and want to use social service as a tool to garner & manipulate support for themselves?. I'll write about this with detailed information in my future posts.

My next post will be in the middle of next week.


Anonymous said...

Dear disgruntled bhumi volunteer...
I agree with every little word that u have written there...who ever u r there is no need that u have to stay hidden..if u believe in every word u have said come out and say it bravely..there are a lot of pple for ur support...

Paresh Masade said...

Hello Friend,

Thanks for the posts... it seams you are very much concerned with the society, BHUMI indeed... NO PROBLEM you have every right to question....... jus a few questions directly... hope you dont delete my comments if you really believe in wat you said.

1. Why are you trying to be anonymous... come forward and speak before everyone if you have courage?

2. Why did you not take steps to correct the group then and there... and took this coward step?

3. You are a disgruntled BHUMI member, its ok, NO PROBLEM at all... but don't try to be a BHUMI representative... remove the logo of there.... and change the address even... you dont have any "moral" rights(coz you believe in sincerity) to use the name "bhumi-hyderabad".

You were intelligent enough to use a proxy server, may be because your IP address would be traced.

please show you intelligence in making the country a developed one... and i would be there to welcome you. i welcome anyone who would read this comment/blog to come to BHUMI office and participate in discussions... tat would make BHUMI active again.

Hope you dream BIG in life and dont delete my comments.

Paresh Masade
Looking after the online activities for BHUMI

Disgruntled Bhumi Volunteer said...


Thanks for your support. To me, It doesn't matter with what identity i post my views, as long as i remain honest and substantiate them.

Have a nice day!.

@Paresh, here we go....

1) Do you really think one needs to have courage to speak?... No, not at all but rather one needs to be courageous to respect others opinion. I noticed that you've deleted my comment on shout box, It shows that you are frightened of my writings and doesn't have courage to allow other people to have access to this blog or perhaps did you act upon executive committee's recommendations?. If it was done in haste and in fact if you think my views are incorrect, can you please link my blog to bhumi website and circulate in bhumi's orkut group?

2) Paresh, one should be truthful to their conscious before asking a question. Do you suggest that none tried to do this before and no one left bhumi because of inclusiveness of executive board?.

3) If you try to comprehend my introduction post, then you realize that i made it clear, that these are my personal views and moreover i requested everyone to form their opinion based on their judgment rather than on my writings. You understand, that i still consider myself a bhumi member and in this authority i used bhumi logo to describe my profile. If you think only those who are in favorable to bhumi should use or have right to use its logo then i don't care but to continue to use it. However i had removed bhumi's logo from my profile as i didn't take permission of it and i apologize for it. Since you are the webmaster, may i ask your permission to use bhumi logo as i've demonstrated that i don't have intention that you accuse me of. my choice of selection of blog address is purely coincidence and i've no other intention, if you believe otherwise i can't help it.

proxy??? what are you talking about?. If you are incapable to determine my ip address, then you just need to ask me here. Why are you talking about tracing? why would i be afraid of anyone, did i do something wrong?. If you think so then please go ahead and complain to hyderabad police's cyber division, i will cooperate fully with the investigation.

This kind of frivolous arguments to deviate us will not be entertained in future replies.

Good Day!

@My Dear Raki,

I would have gladly approved your comment and replied to it if you had posted in your name and your views rather than using some fabricated identity. I wish that you will build your dream house soon. By the way, thanks for subscribing to this blog and enjoy my writings, also point me when i'm wrong!

Many regards.

Disgruntled Bhumi Volunteer said...

I have job to do, clients to attend and family to take care, so if i'm bit late to approve your comments, please don't run your imagination wild and mail those thoughts to me, instead i request you to exhibit some patience!.

I request my friend to comprehend difference between "phishing" and "unauthorized use of image" :-)

Importantly, try to understand that i've nothing personal against anyone, just recording my views here for my conscious.

Yours truly,
Disgruntled Bhumi Volunteer

Arvind. said...

Dear disgruntled BHUMI volunteer,firtsly I d like to congratulate you for your effort.I feel that you have exactly expressed whatever I was thinking
about the present day BHUMI and its sorry state of affairs.I wish you best of luck in all your future endeavours.

prishah007 said...

you have made one thing for sure that ppl read this blog and they dont leave it without commenting on it. i suggest you to put some google ad sense so u can earn some bugs .
see as for volunteer involvement was concerned we were not much involved and i agree to that . i dont want to speak much because i myself have not been able to give much of time to bhumi being tangled in my own small life .what i feel is though bhumi did not engage its volunteers or made any difference in society that it promised but i think the commitee do not have any bad intentions at all just feel they have not been efficent enough to retain volunteers and there has been an conscious effort to have only youth's in organization which has been the major flaw as they have their own life to live ,any way have we ever met my name is priyank.